Fiat Lux Co., Ltd. was established in 1988 in Taiwan continued with the help of a number of internationally well-known sportswear brands do OEM accumulated rich experience, especially in the field of Lycra elastic fiber cloth, such as - Bike clothing, rhythm clothing, athletic apparel road race, swimwear and so on.

irect from the factory contained within Miaoli version of the design, cutting, dye-sublimation printing, packaging and other goods seized sewn into consistent production processes, adhere to the spirit of Taiwan manufacturers, Taiwan and the world's leading fabric manufacturers with professional R & D

performance fabrics, monitor the whole production quality. With the world's leading fabric material, with excellent production process, the most perfect products to consumers.



  • Unique 3D pad with patent.
  • Anatomical and perforated layer design for crotch padding has registered multi-countries patent.
  • uo-layer of foam pad to ease the bottom.
  • se COOLMAX® 94% on outer and third layer reduce the humid and uncomfortable feeling comparing to traditional pad.
  • Extra gel pad for riding support and cushioning.
  • AOuter level 94% CoolMax
  • BSecond Layer High density PU foam
  • CGel for cushioning and support
  • DFourth Layer Shock absorbing foam